Post-Meeting Review of KOFEN BIZ English Club
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Hello, everyone.
I am writing to share my experience from an online meeting for KOFEN BIZ English Club on July 11. 
We had 6 participants who joined thet meeting and shared the ideas for the government's housing policy
Speicific Topic
1. The government pushed for ways to raise tax burdens on owners of two or more houses. Was it necessary and reasonable measures for the stability of housing price in the name of public profits?
2. The disparity between supply and demand has led to a steady increase in jeonse prices. Do you think that is also coming from the failure of housing policy of current government?
3. Government has strenthened the tax burden to those who owns 1 expensive house and multiful houses, can tax be effective measures for controlling the house price?

participants try to express their thoughts, We talked about their position on real estate policy
It was a meaningful time to share each other's views on real esatate policy


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