Post-Meeting Review of KOFEN BIZ English Club
작성일 :  2020-06-27 18:36 이름 : 정재원
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Dear everyone,


I am writing to share my experience from an online meeting for KOFEN BIZ English Club on June 27th. 


The topic of the meeting was "How to stop racism?", with the opening remarks on Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest burst after the death of George Floyd because of the police brutality on African Americans.


Subsectors of the discussion included racism, discrimination, and focused on how Asian populations are discriminated and react to the racism. 

I agreed with Mr. Joopyeo Lee's statement that Asian society needs more cohesion to promote their socio-political recognization in American society. 


Also, other topics such as racism in South Korea and xenophobia against foreigners-especially Muslims, were intriguing agenda. I could explore what people learn through working or studying abroad. 


As a matter of COVID-19 and social distance movement, I enjoyed an online meeting. 


After the seminar, there was an admin introduction for the next meeting. Sharing diverse viewpoints on the various topics was exciting, and I assure beginners a welcoming atmosphere from the members.  


Written by Ms. Jaewon "Mervyn" Chung


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