Post-meeting Review for the 1st KBEC meeting
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< Post-meeting Review for the 1st KBEC meeting >


Hello, everyone.

I am writing to share the atmosphere of the 1st KBEC meeting with you all.

We had 8 participants who joined the first meeting and shared the ideas for the 4 different topics prepared by Camellia.

The topics were related to Non-contact technologies amid the COVID-19. In the beginning, the meeting atmosphere was a bit heavy

because everyone was silent. (I guess they were afraid or shy to speak out in English.)

However, thanks to Camellia's presentation, more people began to jump in discussion and try to express their thoughts and everyone listened to him/her seriously.

After the discussion finished, we moved into a cozy place to have dinner together. We are very excited to see more new comers to join us on Saturday so do not miss chance to experience something new here!

Topic 1: SK Telecom developed a AI system called 'NUGU Care Call' to replace monitoring of COVID-19.

2: US congress disclosed Blockchain technology based voting

3: Global adoption of ditital payments and cryptocurrencies

Written by Mr. YOUNGKYU (Carson) SON

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