[G-CEO] 2020-Autumn ROOFTOP Dinner Meeting
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폰트확대 폰트축소
Attention :   This Meeting Special Is Ending Soon. Don't Miss! 


As shown in the official document below, we are sending you an invitation to attend the event on Friday, October 16, 2020, so we'd appreciate it if you could attend even if you're busy, and I'd appreciate it very much if you could reply by marking your attendance or absence as shown below.

It's a ROOFTOP event, so it's safe for Covid19. The distance can be maintained at 2M. The hotel is equipped with quarantine and 
   heat check.

Enjoy essential and very informative contents that Korea Country Managers must know, and enjoy the romance and memories
   through networking while eating and wine on the hotel rooftop under the autumn evening sky.

Example of Replying to an E-mail Response )
1) Attend.
2) Absent.


Date: 2020-10-12
Receive:Country Manager  (GM /MD/PRESIDENT/CEO)
CC: Secretary
From:Jurisdiction of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy   ,   Global Enterprise Association  [G-CEO] 
Sub. : [G-CEO] 2020-Autumn  ROOFTOP  Dinner Meeting 

We wish you all the best.

This is [G-CEO] of the Korea Foreign Company Representative Directors Association, a division under the Gov. of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in Korea.Our association helps the successful business of Country Manager by sharing the successful management cases of foreign-invested companies and various useful management data to the country manager of foreign-invested Korean branches. and We hold regular meetings every month to help form a network among CEOs of foreign companies. And we are sending you an invitation to attend the meeting , so we would appreciate it if you could attend even if you are busy.

Meeting Info.
 2020-10-16 (Fri.)
Time: Admission from 6:00   [ The official event begins at 6:30 p.m.]
Dress Code : Suit or Semi Business Suit
Place:  Hotel Crescendo Seoul  by Accor & Ambassador , 428 ROOF TOP BAR 
          ( #428,Bongeunsa-ro,Gangnam-gu,Seoul)

Fee: Full Member- (Free of Charge)  
Non Member  ( Advance payment  Online:KRW15,0000  , Credit card payment  At the door  KRW200,000) 
Bank Account : Citi Bank  163-00823-264-01  -  Send proof receipt by email upon deposit
Payment Deadline : 2020- 10- 15(Thu.) by 6:00pm

Section 1 ( Place: Hotel  11fl.  Exhibitive  Lobby Floor) 
6:00 pm ~ 6:30 pm :   Entrance to the venue  /Individual networking
6:30 pm ~ 6:40 pm :  Welcome speech  /  Notice of  Association and introduction of new members
6:40 pm ~ 7:30 pm :  Briefing Agenda: HR Management Issues and Strategies in the long term of Covid19

Section 2 ( Place: Hotel  15fl. Rooftop ) 
7:30 pm~ 9:00 pm :  Rooftop  Dinner  Networking )
After  9:00 pm : Commemorative Photograph (at the Photo Zone ) / Secondary location movement 

- Menu -
 Cajun Hangsang (cooked pork ribs and apple mustard, apple butter for 5 hours) + whole squid salad (basil-scented buttered squid salad with vise sauce and oranges) + high-quality red wine

Sign up as a regular member now.!  * very limited seating - only 20 spots for each event we do... *

50% DC membership fee for the second half of 2020 will end as of October 16.​

If you have any inquiries about membership and annual fee payment in 2020, please contact us  and we will provide you with detailed information .   admin@g-ceo.org   / 02-3452-8603

Attendance scheduled:  G-CEO Full Member & - ( Non Member )A prospective member who wishes to participate as a full member in the future among the country manager  of Korean branches of a foreign company.

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Global Enterprise CEO Association in Korea​ 

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